It smacked me hard in the face, like a right-hook from Muhammad Ali…. metaphorically speaking. I was walking towards my cabin on a clear, cool evening, not needing a torch for the moon was bright; I glanced up at the stars and that was that, I had an epiphany.  Life. Is. Short.

Why do so many of us happily become slaves of our own lives? Listening to that little voice in our head telling us to do the sensible thing, to play the safe option, to sit back watch life unfold as it wishes. That was it, I had been sitting back, feet up on the couch, glass of wine in hand, following through the motions of ‘life.’ WAKE UP – WORK – SLEEP – REPEAT. My realization, my enlightenment if you will, had kicked me square in my fat arse, I need to change. I need to sort out my life. Ditch the bullshit, and grab that bull right by the horns and lead the life I want to live. Why can’t I be incredible at piano? Why can’t I be strong? What is stopping me from sticking my head down and driving for the things that I want in my life.

And this, my fellow readers, is the reason this blog exists. I asked myself the question, ‘what do I want out of life?’….one of my answers – to TRAVEL, to see the world, the different cultures, to smell and taste the foods that this incredible planet and its earthlings produce, to see landscapes that fill the soul with deep reconnection to our origin. I wish to share this with you, to bring some of these experiences to your screen. This blog is what the title says it is, Bilcos Life….


Like a soggy Salmon slap to the face….

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